Returns, Retail, and Quitting (Lord Help Me)

8:55 PM

Yesterday, I was texting back and forth with a friend and she told me that she is tired of retail, and that she's ready to get out of this lovely industry of crying babies, spoiled adults, and assholes. I've been ready to get out because I can't deal with the inconsistency of hours, moods, and I really don't like people enough to work in customer service. The other day I yelled at a customer because he was really trying it with me. I've never yelled at a customer, I don't usually let them get to me because quite honestly, the people who act this way only do it because they've never worked in an environment like this, so they take it for granted, and figure it can't really be that hard. Well, it wouldn't be that hard if the customers didn't make it hard. No, honestly, I am really fed up with the people that walk into my store. It's gotten so bad that I literally walk to the back when I see customers walking in, I just...don't feel like talking. And it doesn't help that I work at the Beverly Center. For some reason when people walk into that place they feel like they are somebody. But the fact that you come to the Bev Center just to go to Wet Seal and Forever 21 tells me everything I need to know about you. Get together. 

So this post is about returns. What prompted me to write this was a woman who walked into my store yesterday and wanted to return something that came from our outlet store. The rules are items purchased at the outlet have to be returned at the outlet. I told this girl with the really bad eyebrows the rules, and she looks at me and says, "does it say that on the receipt?" So I looked at her and pointed to the word outlet and said, "the receipt says outlet, and we can't take items from the outlet." She goes on to say, "you mean to tell me that I have to drive all the way back out there?" Now at this point I'm thinking, you drove all the way out there to buy it, drive your ass all the way back there to return it. But I didn't, all I said was, "yes, because we can't return it." Her bad eyebrows went up and she said, "is there a supervisor that I can speak to?" My manager was in the back and I was more than happy to pass the woman over to her because I was off the clock and I had been at work thirty minutes longer than I was scheduled to be. 

These are the things people need to consider and take care of when returning items to any store and before buying anything from the store:

1. Think before you buy- stop making impulse purchases, and then bringing them back because you have buyers remorse. If you have to think really hard before you even get to the register, you shouldn't be buying it.

2. Talk to your husband/wife before swiping your card- I get so tired of people bringing stuff back saying, "my husband/wife wants me to return this." YOU knew your spouse was going to get mad about that purchase before you even walked into the store.

3. Try the clothes on or make your kids try the clothes on before buying them- It really is just that simple.

4. THINK- that's all...just think damn it.

5. Check your bank account before walking into the mall- This goes beyond returning things. This is about bringing stuff up to the counter, swiping your card only to be denied and then leaving the stuff on the counter like you didn't just bring it up there. I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO CLEAN UP YOUR MESS.

6. Keep your receipt- I can't count the number of times a person walks in wants to return something and wants to have it returned back on their card only to tell me that they don't have the receipt. Now what makes you think I can do that? I have no proof of how you paid.

7. Stop asking for favors- See #7 no I can't give you cash back without a receipt.

8. If you were rude when you bought the stuff, you're probably rude when you return it, don't ask us why we have such bad attitudes. Your return is messing up our numbers for the day that's why we're mad oh...and we still don't like you. We rarely forget an attitude, and if we do our co-workers are quick to remind us of who you are.

9. Stop treating the sales people like it's their fault you don't know sizes- "You told me to get this size!" "Yes well you told me what size you (or your kid) wears. Shouldn't you know the sizes you need a little better than me?"

10. Please...PLEASE read your damn receipt!- I'm not a teacher, it's not story time, therefore I refuse to read your receipt to you.

I can not wait until the day I can quit my job. I've got the way I'm going to quit all planned out and I refuse to let anyone ruin my dramatic exit, I've even got an outfit picked out for the special day.

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