A Liar Is A Terrible Person...To Know

7:42 PM

So I'm stalling. I promised myself that I would write all day today. Ask me how long I've written today? Answer: An hour. I blame Twitter, and the people I follow on Twitter. I also gave some thought to deleting my Facebook, it's very likely that this will happen.

Moving on...

Yesterday, I felt like I was being tried by one person more than once. I won't mention names, places, or even the subject, but I will say that if you lie about important shit, you'll most certainly lie about simple shit. And that makes you what? A liar. I have my dislikes, but I don't dislike anything more than a liar, and I guess the reason is because, you don't have to lie. When people lie it's a decision that's made before even allowing the lie to slip from their lips. You have to plan. The who, what, when, where, why, and how are beyond important to telling a good lie, and remembering everything that circulates around that lie is even more difficult. So why even try?

                                                 Lies and more lies
                                                                                              ~Brook Lynne Carter

I'm not saying I'm perfect, and that I don't lie...I mean I lie but people know it's a lie because I'm really bad at lying, but even if I wasn't...*sigh* I lie, like everybody else. If I lie it's because somebody asked me to or I'm trying to see if I've gotten any better at lying since the last lie I tried. But I would never lie in hopes of getting over on somebody. How unfair and disrespectful is that? If people put even a fraction of the energy that they do in their lies in the truth...well, there would be a lot more energy left over, because the truth doesn't take effort, it takes courage. Tell the truth, face the consequences, and be a damn grown up. In other words: STOP LYING...especially to me. I need honesty in my life.

Now, can we talk about the fact that my damn manager scheduled herself to close with me on Wed, therefore giving her the chance to ask me for a ride home because she gave me that Awkward Birthday Gift. I just...she could have just given me coffee. :-(

*goes back to writing*

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