The Game...Twenty Second Time Out

4:34 PM

Or whatever it is they say in Football.

I am trying to hold on to everything that I remember to be good about The Game, but they are making it very hard to do that. Now let's get something straight, I was watching The Game when people didn't even think the show was going to last. I saw the very first episode when Derwin was a completely different actor and Melanie was introduced to us as Joan's (from Girlfriends) cousin. And I saw the potential that this show had. It was different, and I loved it. I saw some things that needed to change, and funny enough the changes happened and the show was great. I was crestfallen when the CW decided to cancel the show and again crestfallen when I heard that BET wanted to pick it up, because let's be real, BET hasn't been worth watching since the late 90s and even then it was falling off. 

There is no need for me to break down the characters before the show went off the air or now because if you watch the show you know that who they were then is not who they are now. Yes, in a two year period you change, and you become different people, sometimes the changes are great sometimes not so great, and these changes were no so great. There are a lot of people who aren't happy about these changes. But we continue to watch every week in hopes of the show getting better. Sadly, that has not happened. I'm really tired of people getting angry when others talk about how unhappy they are with the show's new look. I've heard people say, we have to support our black shows, there aren't that many of us on TV. And to that I say, I don't have to support a show of bad quality. The material is not amazing, and I find it hard to support that. We are guilty of doing this with rap and R&B and look at where that's at right now? I will not support a show that was just fine the way it was and now looks like...well a BET TV show. The same people saying we need to support our black shows are the same ones saying the new show Let's Stay Together is a terrible show, and that's fine. But don't condemn someone for not being happy with a show and yelling black power while at the same time saying you don't like a show, which just so happens to be a black show. *right fist in the air*

I say all of that to say this, no, I don't like the way The Game is looking. When they were on the CW restrictions were obviously placed on them, there were things they couldn't do on a channel like the CW and those restrictions forced the writers to give us a good show and keep the bullshit to a minimum. BET got their hands on this show, knew how much people wanted it back and basically said, "go ahead, do whatever you want, just give us good ratings." When I watch a movie on BET the word bitch is usually bleeped out, but The Game says it all of the time, also, just last night they had a naked woman sliding down a pole like she worked in Magic City. This tells me that BET is just looking for those big numbers. They want The Game to give them back the viewers that they've lost over the years. And they are doing that, but at what cost? 

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