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This year I made a decision and then made the announcement to my friends that I would be dating...again. I know a lot of people that know me are like AGAIN?! Yes, again. I've never introduced any guy that I've dated to the people in my life because from the beginning, I knew they weren't permanent, so why bring them around? Is how I always looked at it. Men are...complicated, and it's just a complication that I don't need right now, but I'm going to do it anyway.

What's changed recently to make me want to start dating? Nothing has changed, I just noticed some things that need to get done that I don't want to do myself. My car needs to be washed, I don't want to do it, if I had a boyfriend and he cared about me the way that he should, he would wash my car. I need to be able to say, my car is on E. And I need him to just jump up and go fill my car up. He doesn't have to pay for it (although I'd be ok with him doing so) I just want him to pump the gas. And then there are times when I'll have to take my car to the shop, Lord knows I don't know a thing about cars, so I'd like my boyfriend to take my car to the shop, and I'd like him to know what he's talking about. Because if he doesn't then we're both up shit creek (isn't that what the old(er) people use to say? 

So anyway, there are certain things I'm looking for in the next guy I date. This list might be a little short, but I reserve the right to extend it at a later date...

1.Smart (I just can't date a dumb guy, and I'm not just talking about book smarts only, I'd like for him to have common sense)

2. Must have patience (I tend to get in my feelings a lot and I need whoever I date to understand this and know when to just...leave me alone and let me work it out)

3. Sense of humor (I'd rather not laugh by myself...but I will)

4.Not a rapper (Listen, I understand having a dream and wanting to see it through and wanting to make it. I'm still trying to make it as a writer so I get it. BUT I refuse to date an aspiring rapper who has been trying to make it since the age of fifteen, and is now twenty-five or older)

5.Have a career or be working towards one (in this economy, I can't afford to date someone with just a job, and he be ok with that. The guy I date has to know where he's going and needs to be making the moves to get there. Not sitting around talking about what he wants to do one day. Sir, one day is here and it's time for you to get to working)

6.Not a producer (maybe I should have just said, not in the music industry period. If you're twenty-five or older and you're still making beats in your room, living room, or the garage all I want to know is WHY? Why aren't you in a studio? Don't give up on your dream, but damn don't give up on your job for that dream either...just sayin'.)

7. Doesn't want to get married (there is no going around this one, there will be no compromise here. I AM NOT GETTING MARRIED so if you're going to be with me, I need you to not want marriage)

8. No kids (this isn't a deal breaker, but it's wishful thinking. But if by some stroke of bad luck on my part he is a father, he can only have one child. I'd prefer for the mother to not be around but I know you can't have everything in life)

9.Ummmm....he has to be able to commit (I can't promise that I'll do it right, but one of us should know how so that they can teach the other)

10. Can not be my friend on FB, can not follow me on Twitter, and will not read my blog (there are some things I'd like to keep to myself.)

To Be Continued...

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