The Awkward Birthday Gift

1:36 AM

I've always heard people say that when you get older you stop caring a little more. What I mean by this is, you don't care what people think about you, say about you, or how they feel about you. I've always had the fuck me? No, fuck YOU! Attitude, but the older I get, the more harsh the emotions becomes. I stopped caring a long time ago, and I don't see myself giving two damns about what people feel about me.

That monologue brings me to my birthday, which was today, *looks at clock* uhhh, yesterday. It wasn't what I thought it was going to be...or maybe it just wasn't what I was afraid it was going to be. And that's a good thing. I woke up to a lot of happy birthday wishes, and I've been thanking people all day, and I think I've sent my final thank you. I appreciate everyone that took the time out of their day to say Happy Birthday to me. 

Now, cut to me going to working. I really didn't care that I was working on my birthday because really, it was a short day. Five hours...I think. So I was fine. Anyway, I walked into my store ready to deal with who knows what? My manager was there, and if you are friends with me on Facebook, you know that we don't like each other. Well...she doesn't like me, and I can't stand her. This is no secret. But when I walked into work, she was smiling. This scared me, because whenever she seems happy, she throws me a damn curve ball and her head starts to spin. She flips out, and finds a reason to show out. Now, she doesn't try this with me, but whenever she's angry with me, she takes it out on the other people that work in the store. Where was I going with this?


So I walked in and put my stuff in the back before walking back out on the sales floor. I immediately asked my manager what she needed me to do before I just started working only to have her stop me in the middle of whatever I was involved...*sigh* I never stay on topic. Anyway, she turns to me and says, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" This scared me, I jumped back, put a fake smile on my face, and gave my best Thank you! It wasn't the thank you I'd been giving everyone else all day, but it was...all I had to give. She then went on to say, "I was going to buy you a cookie but that thing was $45! I was like, never mind, I'll just get her a gift certificate to Sephora." O_O <---my. face. looked. like. this. 

I was horrified! Why was this woman who doesn't like me talking about buying me a gift? So I ignored her but I smiled so that she would know that I'd heard her. She grabbed her items and prepared to leave, but not before saying, "I'll get your gift certificate, and give it to you tomorrow." Now. let's stop here, WHO THE HELL IS STILL GIVING GIFT CERTIFICATES TO STORES? She meant a gift card. *Back to the story* she leaves, and I immediately grab my phone and text Reina, I was so horrified, and uncomfortable that I needed someone to experience this with me. 

While Reina was both shocked and lol-ing at my expense, I was working and worrying. Twenty minutes later, my manager pops back up in  the store mid-text. I put my phone down and walked slowly over to the door where she was fixing an ugly display (the new line in our store really is ugly) and I hugged her and thanked her. It was so fake, and uncomfortable, and I felt stressed out. I was literally freaking out about this gift because I don't believe in being fake. If I don't like you, that's it, I don't like you. We can be around each other and I'll treat you with the respect you deserve but that's it. There will be no laughing and joking, and sharing secrets. I opened the gift, and there was a $25 gift card and a compact mirror. I picked my phone back up and sent Reina a text again, because I really didn't know how to take this.

This woman and I haven't gotten along since the day she walked into the store and announced that she was our new manager. I can still remember almost getting into an argument with her in the office her first day. She knew from day one where I stood with her. And ever since then we've kept our distance only talking when we have to. When she hints at me giving her a ride home, there is always an excuse why I can't. I don't even bother making it a good one. All I know is that I am not riding in a car for however long with someone that I can't stand. That would be weird. 

So, this gift freaked me out and I immediately started asking questions...

Does this mean that I have to buy her a gift on her birthday? If so, I need to find another job like yesterday.

Does this mean I have to give her a ride home now? I can't. I just...can't.

Do I have to be nice to her now? I mean, I'm nice anyway, but do I have to put in extra work to seem...nicer? *throws store keys on ground* 

What does all of this mean?! Why did she have to give me a gift? Why couldn't she just buy me coffee? I like coffee, I would have been ok with just coffee...from Starbucks not Coffee Bean, I hate that place. I have questions! And I'm almost certain I'm not going to like the answers.

*walks away slowly with head hanging low*

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