Taste The Rainbow...I Don't Want To

9:41 PM

When I go to work, I can pretty much count on a fuckery filled day. Today was...almost normal, well until I got hit on by a stud. If you don't know what that it, ask a friend, or just Google it. Let's revisit the day I tried to be a lesbian but failed so bad, that I'd rather not even talk about it. So...maybe we won't revisit it.

Anyway, I was at work trying to clean, and ignore the fact that my manager would be back from the bank any minute when this girl walked in. Like always I gave her the fake I'm so happy to be in this wonderful store smile along with, "welcome to Gymboree!" minus the exclamation mark because we all know that the excitement wasn't really there. She was alone and said that she didn't need help so I went back to folding the shirts that everyone wants to ignore. I turn my back and all of a sudden I hear:

"There is a Croc store upstairs!"

Now that immediately got my attention because I needed to understand who in the hell was excited about Crocs. Those are some of the ugliest shoes that I have ever laid my eyes on...no judgement...but I am judging. Anyway, I turn around and there she is, still talking about those damn Crocs. She's dressed like a dude, carries herself like one, but she talks like me because she is a female. She is the girlfriend of the first customer that I greeted. They are shopping for an outfit for the first customer's daughter to wear on picture day. So I greet her also, because that's what I do to everyone, and then I start moving around the store trying to finish my work so that I can get the hell out of the store on time.

While I'm going from wall to wall fixing stuff, I hear:

"Does this work baby?"

Now, I think she's talking to her girlfriend, but I was wrong. She was talking to me, she wanted me to approve the ugly outfit that she had chosen for the little girl. I immediately told her that the outfit wasn't working, and she asked me to help her. So I did. So short story long...or whatever. She was calling me baby, asking me what days I worked, and smiling all hard. I don't have a problem with a woman flirting with me because I know who I am, and what I like. Which is why I laughed it off. I did have a problem with the blatant disrespect she was showing her girlfriend. That wasn't ok with me. And then...the big bad manager that is miserable with her life walked in and whispered in my ear as the women were walking out of the store, "she is so gay."

My face was of shock, and my heart was heavy. I was raised by two great parents, and they've always told me to keep an open mind. Growing up with these values, and knowing that my parents would be so disappointed in me if I were to think the way my manager obviously thinks, I take offense to what was said. I don't understand how someone who lived in Atlanta (a place that has a HUGE population of people who are gay) can be so damn close minded. And how do you go from there to Los Angeles? Did she not think that gay people lived here? Well if that's the case: SURPRISE!!!!!

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