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So I was feeling slightly sentimental today so just read this post and feel what I'm feeling...

I remember watching an episode of Sex And The City where they talked about only having three great loves in your life. I can still remember thinking, "well if that's the case, do friends count?" Because if they do, I've got to say I don't agree. I've had several great loves (friendships) in my life and funny enough the friendships are the ones I gained while working.

Don't get me wrong, I still hold the friendships I've gained outside of the work place close to my heart. But if you've ever worked in an environment like BabyStyle where you see your co-workers more than you see your own family, then you know what I'm talking about. 

Today, I was texting an old co-worker who ironically works for the same company as me (or me as her because she started working there first). It's funny, because this particular person and I always, always, always find a way to stay in touch. When she quit BabyStyle to go to another company, she had no idea that the company she worked for would buy BabyStyle and we'd be together again. When BabyStyle closed, she and I stopped working for the same company for maybe a year. And then 2010 came and she got a new job at the exact same company. And now we're together again. But the thing about all of this is, even when we weren't working for the same company for that year, we still kept in touch through Facebook, texting, or me dropping by her job just to say hi. Reina has moved from being a great co-worker, to being an amazing friend.

"Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence."                                    ~George Washington

The same holds true for Veronica, Liz, Ashley, Jessica, Elena, Ranita, and Cynthia. I didn't go into that situation to make friends because quite honestly I'm very weary of females. They can be chatty, disrespectful, and just plain ignorant. So my thoughts were, I'd work at this store, be nice to these people, and that would be it.

That's not what happened. From the beginning I wasn't sure I was going to fit in, and I'm not really sure that I wanted to. I stayed to myself and tried not to get attached emotionally. But somewhere in those two and a half years of working with these women they found their way into my life and my heart, and have been there ever since. We've argued, stopped talking to each other, cried with each other, been through pregnancies, abortions, pregnancy scares, and laughed together. My loyalty and patience was tested with these women every single day. I quit at least once a week, yet even when I was offered jobs, I couldn't bring myself to walk away. I couldn't leave them. When I see them, I hug them tight before we part like I might never see them again. Because in reality, now that we don't work together anymore, we don't see each other as often. But just like family, when you do see each other again, it's like old times, and it seems as if no time has passed since the last time you were together.

These ladies have given me more birthdays to remember than anyone I know, I've spent every birthday with at least four of them starting from the age of nineteen. I will forever be grateful for these women that over the years I've called my sisters. They've taught me what real friendship is, what trust is all about, and they've also shown me that I am (if nothing else) fiercely loyal to those that I love. And I love them.

Great Loves!

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