You Can Do It (The 8ft Ladder)

12:04 AM

I climbed a ladder yesterday!!!!

That may not seem like a big deal, but for someone who is deathly afraid of heights, it's a big deal. When I took this job, I knew that one of my duties was if a light bulb blows in the store, we have to climb on a ladder and change it. How-damn-ever I had no idea I was actually going to have to do it, nor did I think about it when I said that I would do it. So yesterday as my manager walked me through the store telling me what we needed to get done (and by we I mean ME) by the end of the night. I looked up when she mentioned the lights. I told her I would do it so that she would just stop talking to me because I was really tired of hearing her voice. But as it got later and I started looking up and really thinking about the fact that I was going to have to climb on a ladder to change the lights the room started spinning. I couldn't do it, and the girl that usually closes with me wasn't working with me, she would have climbed on the ladder for me. The girl that was working with me is afraid of heights also so it was the blind leading the damn blind. 

I get the ladder and I start climbing, and when I reach the top, I refuse to look down, and so I reach up and...I'm too short. In order for me to reach the light I would have to stand on the blue part of the ladder. This means no support, I would have to look down, and if I made one wrong move, I would bust my ass, and I might die, or break my arm, or mess up my hair. So I climbed off the ladder and said hell no! The associate was nervous for me, and I was nervous for me and she looks at me ad says, "get off that damn ladder, you  don't have to change that light tell them you couldn't reach it."

And I was going to do that, but then I remembered, I have never been a quitter, I have never allowed anything or anyone to defeat me, and I wasn't about to start now. But I also wasn't getting back on that little ass ladder either. So I went to the back and found this HUGE ladder, and when I tell you it was short, I mean  it was tall. Wait...what? Anyway, I marched my 5'4 self over to the eight foot tall ladder (it was probably more around seven feet)...no it was eight. That's not the point...I picked up that ladder and then I put it back down because it was heavy. But I took a deep breath and I picked it back up and ran into a wall with it, and it hit the floor, and I screamed. But I picked it back up and finally got it out to the sales floor. I changed the light bulbs even though the room was spinning, and it was hot (even with the AC on), and I conquered my fears of climbing on a tall ladder. What made me do it? My friend and former manager Veronica, she told me I could do it, just as she use to do when we worked together and I didn't think I could do something. She pushed me, and I pushed back, but she continued to push, until I finally did it. I did, and I'm proud of myself. And although I may never do it again...or maybe I will but not anytime soon. But if that day does come around again, and I have to climb a ladder, or if I have to do anything that I fear doing, I will remember the words of my friend Alana you can do it. 

Those are words that everyone needs to hear at least once in their life: You can do it.

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