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Retail Etiquette

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As someone who works in the retail industry, I get annoyed when I see certain things while working. So, while I was at work the other day, I watched customers shop in my store, and the more I watched, the more frustrated I became. Then, I had a thought, why don't people who shop (the ones that have never worked in the retail industry) have to take a class on retail etiquette? Here are a few things I'd like people to learn before being allowed to shop:

-Do NOT flip an entire pile of clothes before asking for help: Because you've never worked in retail, you probably don't know how to nicely pick up the clothes and search for the size you desire. And you probably don't know that if you are looking for the largest size, you aren't going to find this size on the top or in the middle, but that it will be at the bottom of the pile. Why you might ask? Because it's the biggest size, meaning it's the last size. Flipping the piles of clothes, and throwing them all over the shelves proves a few things.
1. You don't, nor have you ever worked in retail.
2. You are insensitive to the people who have to clean up behind you
3. You are just really not that damn smart, because logic, and the process of elimination should help you. And that help not only helps you, but it also helps the people that have to clean up your mess.

*I'm sure you don't walk into Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, or even Coach and just start throwing stuff around. Show that same respect to stores that aren't the Pradas of the retail industry.*

-NEVER walk into a store two minutes before it closes: Why would you do this? What about that says "smart"? You have to understand that ten minutes before a store closes it is clean, or being cleaned, and people are working at a crazy pace to make sure that everything is in order so that they can go home on time. And for those that come in two minutes before closing and don't make a mess, when the doors close, that means get out. It doesn't mean keep looking around until someone comes to you and asks you to leave. Be a grown up and leave on your own.

Don't Do That: If the doors to the store you want to shop in are closed, don't knock on the window and ask 21 questions when you get someone's attention. Also, do not stand at the door and stare at the people inside until they open the doors, it's rude and it's unnecessary. (I will leave you standing at the door and walk to the back if you stare)

-IF your purchase is $20 or less, do NOT hand the cashier a $100 bill: Do not mistake a store for the bank. The cash in those registers have to last the entire day, some times several days (depending on the store policies) stop making these people's lives hard, and then getting mad when they say, "I don't have change for that." And then you ask, "you don't have change for this?" NO DAMN IT, I DON'T HAVE CHANGE FOR THAT BIG ASS BILL, DO YOU SEE THIS SMALL ASS PURCHASE?

-Be a parent: What this means is, IF you are going to take your kids shopping, and you are going to allow them to get out of those strollers, do not let them run around the store, knock clothes over, or put stuff that has to be sold in their mouths. If you can't say no, or stop, then I am saying, no your kids can't touch that, and stop bringing them in the store if you aren't going to take care of them.

Your receipt is your friend: When the cashier hands you your receipt, read it. On this receipt is information that you need. There are answers to the questions that you are sure to ask. READ IT!

Read, Read, and Read some more: Signs that are placed around the store are there for you. Again, the answers are right there in your face. If you'd like an example  just ask, I'll gladly give you a couple.

Wait: If you see that everyone that works in the store is helping a customer, DO NOT interrupt and ask for a price, a size, a phone number, a name, the time. Just...don't say anything. Get in line and wait your turn.

Fix your attitude: When you pay for your purchase, do not throw your card or money on the counter and expect to get a smile and great customer service. Prepare for the worst. 

I'll stop here. Maybe I'll do a part two (rules for returning items) one day because there are a lot of rules that need to be covered  that are constantly being broken. What it all comes down to is this: if you want respect, learn that you first have to give respect. All I ask is that you think before reacting.

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