Quick Thought: What Are You Doing?

10:38 PM

I wish some people understood that just because Facebook says we have mutual friends, doesn't mean that we should be friends, it doesn't mean send me your number in my inbox, and if doesn't mean that I am going to accept your friend request. If we didn't get along, or don't know each other in real life, why send me a friend request? Just because you've seen me doesn't mean you know me. I could understand this need to be my friend if I were well known, but I'm not, so what is your purpose? *denied*

I forgive, but I never forget. I don't give second chances, and I'd rather not speak to you once we've parted ways. When I'm done, I'm done. So when someone comes back into my life from my past that I wasn't ok with and they want to act as if nothing ever happened, I get the worst headache ever from rolling my damn eyes so hard. If we weren't ok in the past, don't expect to be a part of my present.

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