I Can't Leave It Alone

12:07 AM

I love my Blackberry, I really do. In fact, when I upgrade my phone in December I have every intention of upgrading to another Blackberry. But I am most certainly a angry Blackberry user. I have to reboot my phone on a daily basis. Not a day goes by that I don't have to push some buttons, or remove the battery from my phone to reboot and I find that to be ridiculous. Also, when I reboot my phone it takes Lil Kim prison sentence (a year and a day) to finally reboot. If I were being chased by someone or in a terrible situation and depended solely on my phone, I'd be a dead woman.My Blackberry just doesn't want to let me be great. It's like a bad relationship, I know that its no good for me, and I know that we should part ways, but for some reason I just can't seem to leave the Blackberry alone. But one day I'm going to get tired of dealing with the bullshit that it puts me through and I will pack my bags (my apps, phone numbers, and photos) and leave a note telling my Blackberry that I am leaving and never coming back, and I'm taking the battery with me. But its going to take an amazing phone (not the iphone I'm not impressed by that thing) to break up this relationship that me and the Blackberry have. I just can't leave it alone.

And on another note: I have a cell phone plan that consist of unlimited text, and data, free mobile to mobile anytime minutes, and 450 minutes to use however I'd like. I don't need the 450 minutes, I just don't.I use to have unlimited minutes, and then I dropped it down to 900, and now I'm at 450. Unfortunately I can't go any lower. I hate talking on the phone, I don't do it if I don't have to. And I get mad if anyone calls me, or leaves me a voicemail. I want Sprint to give me 20 minutes a month and lower my damn bill. I promise you by the next month, I will have 18 minutes left over.

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