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Don't Judge Me...Ok Judge Me

7:24 PM

Giving people the tools and ammunition to have a say so in what you do, should do, or what you've done can either be great, or can be a disaster. Last week I finished the first draft of my novel (the second one) and last night I decided to let someone I know read it. When I got the idea, I immediately got scared, and a bunch of what ifs popped into my head. I decided to sleep on it, and make a decision in the morning. Well morning came and I still wasn't sure about letting anyone read it. This story is important to me, because out of everything I've written, this one is the first one I've even considered sending out to literary agents. It's the first one I can actually see being published, because truth be told, it is a good story.

But knowing that I'm giving someone something that I've worked hard on to pick apart is just...unsettling. Now that I've sent the story to this person, I can't concentrate on anything else, because I'm waiting to hear what she thinks. Yes, she's read my other stories and has fallen in love with them, but this is the first time that I've given her something to read with the instructions to take notes of the good, the bad, and the ugly. The unknown is a scary thing, and knowing that you'll soon know is even scarier.

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