106 & Why Are They Still On The Air?

5:52 PM

Like most of my posts, this one went from being about once specific thing and turned out to be about more than just this show.

I watched the 106 and Park reunion/anniversary thing that BET put together last week, and I got to thinking…how in the hell is it possible that THIS show is still on the air, with one ok host, and another who couldn’t read a teleprompter if the damn thing was being fed to her through an earpiece? Yet, shows like, Teen Summit, Video Soul, Midnight Love, BET News with Ed Gordon and/or Tavis Smiley, Rap City, and the list goes on, are no longer on the air? Hell, I’ll even take Planet Groove with Rachel standing the middle of her bedroom in the basement. Granted it would be hard to still have Rap City on the air with the mediocre rappers in the game (that ARE selling) but that’s neither here nor there. Why is a show that seems to be stuck in this box still airing everyday? Why has no one realized that there are some huge elements missing from BET that were once there? The network once stood for something, and was once worth watching. Now, if it isn’t the BET Awards, I don’t really give the station a second glance.

There was once a time when BET had their own movies, which were developed from the novels from their publishing company. Now, we are stuck with terrible movies such as: Steppin’, Truth Hall, Soul Plane, and that horrible movie Uncle P. There are days when they have hits such as: The Great Debaters, Sparkle, Purple Rain, and other great films. But the bad ones show up on the screen more the great ones, there is something seriously wrong with that. I understand that every station has it’s moments (looks at MTV), there will be hits and misses, but if you continue to miss, and it doesn’t seem like you’ll ever get back to the good, will there be anyone there to see the hits? And if not, all of the hard work from the past that got this station where it is now will all be for nothing. So I ask, when (if ever) will BET figure all of this out and give us a station worth watching again?

*speaking of MTV, if it stands for music television, WHERE IS THE MUSIC?*

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