What I Learned Today...

11:43 PM

Your Facebook friends should NEVER be your Twitter followers...if they are sensitive. Twitter is sort of a free for all, what you say is out there (if you don't have a locked page) but even if you do, the shit still gets out there because guess what? People will retweet the shit out of you. So, a person having an opinion of what you say on Twitter shouldn't be a shocker. However, if someone has an opinion of what you say, and you say something that they don't like, I have to ask that person, why are you all of a sudden feeling a way about that? People with opinions usually don't like it when people speak on their opinion, but isn't that what they are doing? Don't throw out your thoughts and not expect a person to say something. If you don't want anyone to speak on what you've said, don't offer up an opinion that was unsolicited.

I also learned that when tweeting, commenting, or texting people get real sensitive when you don't put lol at the end of everything you say (when joking) NEWSFLASH: I don't have time to do that. If you feel a way about me not using it then that's your right, but I'm not here to stroke your head and tell you that I'm sorry when you decide to say things about me subliminally, keep that. When I have something to say, it's said to the person, I don't have time to play the high school game of talking about someone in their face, but behind their back on the internet, or in text message. It's childish, and I'm grown.

Another thing I learned, people think that by deleting others from Twitter, and Facebook and hiding behind locked accounts that they are hurting the other person's feelings. Sorry to be the one to have to tell you (but not really) it's not that serious. If someone really wants to know what is being said, it can be found out. Google is  a powerful thing. Thankfully, I really just don't care enough to investigate. So I won't.

And finally, today I learned that you should be a little wise about the people you allow back into your life. If you stopped being their friend, it was probably for a good reason. If these people show up days, weeks, or even years later and say I'm sorry. It's ok to forgive them, but think back to what made you stop being their friend in the first place. Does that person really deserve to call you "friend" again? The most important thing I learned today is, second chances aren't always smart, they can be as lethal as a snake bite.

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