Quick Thought...or Maybe Not: This Weather

9:58 PM

When the weather man announced that it was going to be hot today, he basically said: Summer is coming late this year, get ready for a hot Sunday. The temperature will be somewhere in the 90s.

Uh sir...

What he should have said was: Summer is coming late. This Sunday it's going to be hot as hell with a slight chance of your ass might faint.

I don't like the summer...correction, I don't like the heat. I never have and I never will. I'd rather be cold than hot any day. Heat gives me an attitude, puts a frown on my face, and stops me from talking. I completely shut down when I'm hot. So you can imagine what I was feeling today when I was riding up the escalator to get to my job. The sun was beaming through the glass, and the closer I got to the top, the hotter it became. My face went from serene, to angry. I frowned all the way to the doors of my store, when I got inside, I ran to the thermostat, and turned the air on and collapsed in the nearest chair. Once the store cooled down I was fine.

But then I remembered I had scheduled an interview with another store after work. I ran out of the store because I only had thirty minutes to get to the car, and change my shirt. And then it hit me...when I walked out of the house that morning with the clothes I was going to change into, I grabbed everything in black! Even my gigantic purse (which is new and amazing) was BLACK.! What the hell was I thinking? I wasn't.

Anyway, I get to the car, and I'm sweating because the inside of the car feels like the fiery pits of hell. But I begin changing my clothes anyway not really giving a damn who sees me. Because when it's that hot, logic goes out of the door. The faster I'm changing my shirt the hotter I'm getting, and then I realize that the car wasn't running and the air wasn't on. *insert face with distraught look on it HERE*

Finally, I'm ready to go, and so I go. But when I get to my destination, I remember that there is only street parking, and a parking structure that costs money. So I ride around to see if I can find a vacant meter, but of course I don't, because its Sunday and meter parking is free. GO HOME PEOPLE EATING AND WAITING TO SEE STARS, I NEED A PARKING SPACE!!!! I bite the bullet and decide that I'll park in the parking structure and just pay the money. Well...things got real...real hot. I jump on the elevator and push R, I'm parked on P1 so I automatically think R stands for Robertson Blvd because my logic isn't everyone else's. I knew I was wrong the moment the elevator shot up and wouldn't stop. I ended up on the roof. It's now 3:52pm and my interview is at 4pm. So I stay on the elevator and push P2 because technically P2 is one floor up...I think. I never found out the answer to that. Anyway, Finally! I look at the numbers and letters and there it is! The number one with a star on it. That star is laughing at me, it's saying, I've been here the whole time, telling you the push me, but you didn't. You've gone to every floor but the right floor, and now it's almost time for your interview. I jab the 1 with the star, and what happens? I find my way to Robertson Blvd with only four minutes to get to my interview.

I power walk, in the damn heat because I have this thing about being late. If I'm going to be late, I'd rather not do whatever it is I have to do. But I make it, and my forehead (which is sweating)  is telling the story of the power walk that almost caused me to have a damn heat stroke. And after all of that, I have to go BACK for a second interview! I don't even want the damn job anymore. But my bag is still amazing, and my clothes and jewelery were amazing, and I'm sure I answered the questions the way I was supposed to, but after all of that, all I can think about is this damn heat. My head hurts, is this one of the signs of a heat stroke?

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