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11:03 AM

Next summer I plan to study abroad in either Paris or Italy. It's something I've been shooting for for a long time now. The other day I was driving to work and I was thinking about studying in Paris or Italy and I started thinking about living in Los Angeles. I'm starting to hate my city. Los Angeles and I are starting to grow apart and I feel like it's time for us to start seeing other people. 

That brings me to the reason behind this blog post. I want to move to New York...correction, I've been thinking long and hard about moving to New York for good. Its funny because I always said, I'll never leave LA, this is my home. I'm not leaving here. Things have changed. There is something about New York that is pulling me, and tonight at work I felt the pull again.

Last night was Fashion Night Out and although people dressed up and hit the streets for the event, it wasn't anything I don't see on a normal basis. When I jumped on Twitter and read my timeline, I saw the people that I follow that live in New York were in the streets doing the same thing the people in LA were doing. However, it was completely different, the events were different, the nightlife was completely different. I believe the reason I wasn't impressed with LA last night is because there was nothing different (other than the small group of celebs in one spot) going on last night that doesn't go on every night. When people think of LA they think Hollywood, and that's fine, but the problem is the people who live here, think Hollywood, and they try to be Hollywood and the believe the hype. A lot of people here try to live up to what they think people expect them to look like. When I  see  people walking around, I see at least six girls wearing the same outfit, down to the damn shoes. Where is the originality? My biggest gripe with LA is the people that overdress just to walk outside. 

Lets be clear, I'm not talking about the people who are fashionable, I'm talking about the people that try (key word:try) but fail. Just because it looks good on the mannequin, or holds the name of a popular designer does not make it fashionable, it makes it expensive. To me, New York is fashionable in itself, it's vintage, and it's amazing. When I think of New York I think of the history, the clothes, the people, and that's where I want to be. If the things that I've set in motion go right rather than left, I'll be in New York within the next two years.

*fingers crossed*

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