Is The Love Bar Set Too High?

1:06 AM

I was watching The View this morning *looks at clock* ummm... I was watching The View yesterday morning, and Teri Hatcher was a guest. At one point one of the hosts asked her if she thought it was ok to sleep on the first date. After saying that she thought it was perfectly fine (which I agree with) she went on to talk about romantic movies and how they put these unrealistic thoughts about relationships in our heads. She continued by saying that, these movies showed a love that we would NEVER have.

So I got to thinking...is this true? I'm not big on romantic movies, I like them, but I don't love them. However, I do LOVE a good African American romance novel. Ok yes, the love in these books are a bit over the top, and yes, the wording can be a little too lovey dovey, but are we not worthy of this kind of love?

I'll be the first one to admit that I'm not big on a man professing his love to me with words that sound like they are coming from a great Shakespearean soliloquy. But, if you read books that are written by Brenda Jackson, Francis Ray, or even Rochelle Alers you'll see the words that these women write are realistic, the love scenes are believable. And let me just say this, I will not settle for less than amazing in any man when it comes to how he treats me. I love hard, so why would I expect any less from someone that I'm with? But when I say I love hard, I don't mean like stalk you, and act a fool or crazy kind of hard. I just believe that every woman and man deserves the best when it comes to their mate. Why would anyone think that the love/romance bar is set too high, just because it's a little over the top? Do we not deserve that kind of love?

My point is, romantic movies, and romance novels are very mushy, and over the top, but if that's what you want, and it's what would make you happy, then go for it. Just because its not for everyone doesn't mean its not for you. The love bar and respect bar should definitely be set high, but not so high that no one can reach it.

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