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So I was talking to my daddy today about child obesity and how people feel the need to do these damn PSAs telling you grown people what to feed your kids, and how to feed your kids, and what you're doing wrong. I don't believe any grown person should have to tell another grown person how to raise their kids, but it's obvious that some people DO need help. Now, my dad went on to say, "Alana the problem is, that kids don't go outside and play anymore." Now I've heard this numerous times from numerous people, but it never clicked the way it did today. My dad and I began comparing stories and his were almost identical to mine, but when I hold mine up next to my nephew's or other children's they are completely different.

I can remember a time where the school bell would ring, and my friends and I would meet up outside of someone's classroom and then we'd walk home together. Sometimes we'd take the long way home, sometimes we wouldn't go straight home, instead deciding to make a stop at the park or a friend's house. What kid is doing that now? I hardly ever see kids walking home together, or just hanging out at the park because they can. That kind of freedom was liberating to me, the fact that my parents allowed me to roam around the neighborhood or outside of the neighborhood meant something to me. I just sort of feel like kids today are missing out on what could be an amazing experience, and beautiful memories.

Instead of hanging out with their friends doing nothing but everything, they are sitting in the house watching TV, playing with the Wii, eating up a storm, and sleeping. We had Nintendo and played Mario Bros whenever we got the chance(sometimes having to blow in the cartriage when dust froze the game) but going outside and skating, riding a bike, or walking around is where my memories are. What memories are being created? What lasting fun is being had now? Where is innocence and childhood that was once mine?

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