Alana Have A Baby...

2:03 AM

My response to that is: YOU go to hell.

With the way that I talk about kids, and not wanting to have any, I know that some people(those that don't know me)think that I don't like kids. The truth is, I love kids, I adore them, and I find them entertaining. However, my biological clock isn't ticking, ringing, or...doing whatever else a biological clock is supposed to do. Some people think that it's because I'm only twenty four and I'm not really sure what I want, but it's more about the fact that I've had a kid on my hip since I was ten.That's the age that my oldest brother decided to make me an aunt. I wasn't the average aunt. You know the ones that baby sit ever so often, feed the baby and then hand it back to it's parents, the ones that keep the child when the parents ask. No I was the aunt that called for the kids every weekend, and the weekdays if my parents would allow it, I woke up and did midnight feedings, and three o'clock feedings, and woke up at seven (sometimes six) to get ready for school. I nursed sick babies, and went to doctor appointments. I had a hand in raising three of my six nieces and nephews and I enjoyed every minute of it. I'm enjoying watching them grow, learn to drive, become their own person, and develop their own style. So you see, as I watch them grow, and the closer they get to college, the more I feel like my work is done. I feel like I've raised my children all three of them, why would I want to have more when I'm finally almost done with raising them? I love kids, I have kids, and I don't want anymore.

BUT I will have a child before I EVER get married. Marriage is the one thing that's definitely NOT on my to do list. I mean like ever.

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