Acknowledge Your Greatness

1:55 AM

"My day just managed to get even worse. How is that possible when it was already rock fucking bottom! :'( "

That status update might as well have said: As the sun rises, my soul falls and there it lies as people step on it. My life crumbles, my world stops, and I no longer have anything or anyone. *cue the fucking violin*

Everyday that I log on to Facebook I run into a status update like that, and it's getting annoying. I have had to turn off people's status updates because it is getting out of hand. Now, I'm not exactly sure what's going on with the people I'm friends with on Facebook, but if their life is that bad then they probably shouldn't be on Facebook. Granted I have my bad days and I vent, and that's normal, but how is it possible that you are sad Yet, you still find time to play Yovillie, Farmville, or Cafeworld (yes, I see you posting your accomplishment for those games like shit). If these sad people put as much time into being happy as they put into trying to reach the next level of greatness with those games, their greatness could shine bright rather than burning out like a candle. 

I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with these games, we all have our guilty pleasures that distract us from the real world. However, if you're spending all of your time harvesting your crops on your virtual farm, when are you taking the time to figure out what's got you so down? When I was a kid and my teacher read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day to the entire class, I understood it because let's be honest, as kids we always felt like our world was crumbling when things weren't going our way. As adults, we should be able to identify the problem, and solve it, even if we have to use the process of elimination to get the answer or ask for a little help. Stop letting your problems defeat you, just like anything else in life being happy and staying happy takes work. We are thrown curve balls all of the time, but we have options:

1. Catch it, study it, and learn from it.

2. Dodge it, ignore it, and keep it moving.


3. Stand there, let it hit you, and become a victim of your own misery.

You make the choice, you live with the decision, but please stop making everyone else live it with you.

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