Writer's Block...Fears...And Letting Go

5:09 PM

I have writers block right now and I can't seem to get rid of it. I laid out a plan for myself this morning. I was going to write from 2pm-10pm(when I should be sleep, but won't be) and I can say with shame that I have not written a damn thing. Not even my name. This post is the first thing that I've written in a couple of weeks. So lets talk about why.

My manuscript is done, *does a little dance* All that's left to do is write a synopsis and query letter to the literary agents that I like and wait for an answer on whether they are interested or not *stops dancing and pouts instead*. Every time I try to finish the synopsis I stop, draw a blank, and I get scared. Finishing those two things mean that this is real. I'm really going through with this and I'm finally letting people into a world that I have kept close to me since I was twelve. It also means that I am giving someone enough information to judge me and tell me if what I've written is good enough. I've never worried about what someone else thought of me, but my writing is my baby, and I will protect it at all cost. I don't want anyone to hurt it, try to change it, or tell me that it doesn't measure up to some standard that's been set. I know that I have to let go eventually and allow it to take its first steps, allow it to teeter, and stumble and hope that it makes it without a bump or a bruise. And I will, but just give me a minute, I need to prepare myself.

*I'm not going to edit this,so ignore the typos...this is about my writer's block not spellcheck* 

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