The Working Girl...Not THAT Kind Of Working Girl

1:37 AM

This post was inspired by a potential employee...well maybe not. Anyway, I've been having a weird week at work and outside of work. 

Today I felt as if it was going to a good day but maybe a little off. Annnnnd I was right. The first thing that set the tone for my day was a girl that walked into my store and asked, "IS ya'll hiring?" I immediately said, "GIRL WHAT?!" And then she asked again, "IS ya'll hiring?" My manager beat me to the punch this time and just flat out said, "no." The response was so quick that had I not been listening, I would have missed it.

I really thought that it couldn't get any worse than this but it did. Cut to a man that could've been your daddy, walking in while I'm behind the counter marking clothes down. 


We were the only two in the store so I'm not really sure why he felt the need to yell across the store. But I walked around the counter and over to where he was standing admiring this jean jacket as if it was a replica of the jacket Michael Jackson wore in Thriller.

"What size were you looking for?"

And then everything sort of turned into a blur...not because I don't remember what he said, but because what he said next was one big run on sentence.(excuse the punctuation, but I need this next line to read exactly the way he said it)

"I want a four or five but my son is three we done with summer huh We goin' into Spring ain't we I ain't never seen this store before ya'll been hiding it huh?"

"No, we haven't been hiding it."

"Well, I ain't never seen it before."

Now had I gone off of instinct I would have said, "yes sir, we've been hiding the store...all 200+ stores to be exact." But I didn't. Instead I told him that I didn't have the jacket that he wanted in the size that he was looking for, but he was still excited to have found this store that we'd been hiding. He told me that he'd be back on Saturday...thank God I don't work that day.

Long story long...wait what?

My point it: This day has been nothing short of interesting.

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