Where Did The Sitcoms Go?

3:35 AM

I'm not just talking about black sitcoms, but sitcoms in general. I remember the days of TGIF on ABC where shows like these came on every Friday: Step By Step , Family Matters, Me And The Boys, Boy Meets World, and the list goes on. Or UPN where all of the black shows lived, Moesha, All Of Us, Half and Half, and The Parkers...oh! Wasn'ts Sparks on there also? 

Now we have shows like The Game...oh wait, they got canceled. Well we have Everybody hates Chris, no they got canceled too, but we have Ugly Betty...yeah no. What do we have? Absolutely nothing. Although The Game has found a new home and is coming back, you have to wonder, how long will they be around?Not only is the lifespan for sitcoms (black or not) terrible, the show will be on BET, which is now a place where bullshit lives. That reminds me, I need to write a post on BET. Like I was saying, things just aren't the same with TV anymore, there is no REAL TV anymore, there is nothing to watch on certain days. Where did all of the sitcoms go, or maybe a better question is, where in the hell did the writers go? *sigh*

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