Reunited And...I Won't Be There

1:38 AM

While watching the T.O. Show the other night I got to thinking, I don't want to attend my high school reunion. One of his PR people had a HS reunion to attend and she didn't want to, but she went anyway, and it was horrible, but she had fun, but that has nothing to do with me going to mine. I mean I don't have anything against my HS (although if I didn't show you my diploma you wouldn't even know I attended Narbonne). Anyway, I don't have anything against my high school but there are a couple of reasons why I don't want to attend the reunion.

1. I have social anxiety: I wouldn't make it ten minutes in that room, with all of those people before I'd start to feel trapped and want to break free. Anyone who knows me would know where to find the corner texting. The text would say:


2. Social Networking sites don't give us the chance to miss anyone. That's the whole point of a reunion, to see the people that you haven't seen, or talk to the people that you haven't talked to. To catch up on their lives and see how far they've come or if they are in the same place they were in when you graduated. Anyone that I'd want to see I do see, or I can see. Also, I talk to a lot of the people I'd want to see on a consistent basis. There is nothing these people don't know about me (because they ask). So tell me, what would we talk about? What we talked about last night on Twitter, Facebook, and if you just can't seem to let it go what YA'LL talk about on MySpace? (I'm too old to still be over there)

So ummm...if we went to HS school together, don't expect to see me at the reunion, I won't be there. Now if someone puts together a Junior High reunion I'll be the first one there...and the first one to leave. I mean I DO still suffer from social anxiety but I'll say "hi" to everyone before I leave. :-]

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