Open Letter To An Old Friend(You know who you are)

12:03 PM

Dear old friend,

I received your e-mail early this morning and was shocked by the honesty that was in the e-mail. I respect you for laying it out and telling me exactly how you feel. I get it. I understand how you feel and why you feel the way that you do. In some aspects you were right and in others you weren't wrong. When we are young our minds are so different from what they are now as adults. You felt the way you felt and I get that, but I really wish you would have talked to me about it back then. So much could have been resolved years ago. I still have that...I guess you could say that it was a gift because it came from you and it was obvious that it came from the heart. I cherish that piece of paper with a the beautiful words typed on it, it reminds me of happier times. I will contact you directly and privately, but I wanted to recognize you and your efforts to reach out to me when you didn't have to. I still consider you to be my friend. 


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