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Today was interesting, it really was. I had a job interview and I would really like this job so that I can quit my current job because...well it's a terrible place to work.

Let's talk about the person that made my day what it was (besides the person that interviewed me). A man walked into my store today(this sounds like the beginning of a really corny joke) anyway, the guy comes in and I've already been helping his mother-in-law shop for a gift for his wife, her daughter and she is getting on my nerves. Finally, I get tired of helping her so I walk away(I'm not cut out for working in a mall. Mall people get on my nerves.) They follow me to the register O_o and they continue talking to me, I don't know why. I didn't say, "I'm running away from you, so you  should probably follow me." They thought we were playing a game of follow the leader.

So we get to the register and he pulls his mother-in-law against him and looks at me and smiles and says, "don't we make a cute couple?" I laughed at the time, but as I think about it now, he might have been serious about that question. So, I'm ringing this guy up and out of nowhere he says to me:

I thought I was done with this. I didn't ask for this, it just sort of showed up...not like on the porch or anything, but it just showed up. I didn't ask for this.

So I said to myself before I laughed in his face, this guy really doesn't like his baby, and probably hates his wife more since she's the one that got pregnant. And then I laughed in his face, but he didn't find a damn thing funny, so he said:

I'm serious.

I said, oh...well children are a blessing.

He then went on to say yeah sometimes. 

There was nothing else for me to say except well your total is... and as this sad and depressed father of (who knows how many) gathered his bag and annoying mother-in-law(and potential mistress) up I gave it one last try and said I hope it gets better for you

He turned to me one last time and said, I didn't ask for this.

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