Forgiving And Forgetting...Or Forgiving And Making Smart Choices

10:50 PM

My horoscope: Someone may come to you with an apology today, Capricorn, but you may feel as though it's too late for that. If someone who was well-liked, important, or even revered in your life crossed some imaginary line and did something that you just cannot accept, don't prematurely close the door on this person. If you do, there may not be a way back from that kind of action. Take your time before saying anything, and think it through thoroughly. You may be feeling a bit too emotional now to do anything so important, so wait for smoother waters.

So I got to thinking...

About forgiveness. I've always thought that I was pretty forgiving and I thought that I let things go very easily(which is a part of forgetting) forgive and forget. However, after reading my horoscope, I realized that I haven't forgiven a lot of people. I'm an emotional person (we've discussed this before) I cry because I can, and I get angry because things piss me off. A person I knew in high school recently requested to be my friend on Facebook. I sat on that request for about a week before Facebook said, "we are tired of you trying to make up your mind about this person, so we made it up for you." I looked up and Facebook had accepted the request and this person was now my friend. I immediately said, HELL NO YOU WON'T! And I deleted the person.

Now I couldn't decide whether I was going to accept this request because by the end of high school I really could not stand this person, but I didn't just come out and deny the friend request because I thought I might be over it. The quickness with which I used to delete this person proved that I wasn't over it, or maybe I am. This goes back to what one of my favorite bloggers said once "Never trust a repeat offender.If they stabbed you in the back once, they will just shoot you the next time." My not accepting her friend request doesn't mean that I haven't forgiven her it just means I'm not willing to take a second chance on her.Why would I ever give someone another chance to hurt me or make me angry?

Make wise decisions and stand by them. Think before saying yes or no, the answer will be one that shapes your future. Everyone doesn't deserve a second chance. Some people don't deserve a first chance. Ultimately that needs to be a choice that you make...wisely of course. Sooooo I say all of that to say this: forgiving and forgetting is never easy, but if you can do it and I mean really do it(for the right reasons)well then that's just amazing. And if you can't, well no judgement.

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