5 o'clock In The Morning Where You Gonna Be...

3:07 AM

Outside on the corner!!

The fact that I just used that 90s song to make my point is just...


But it did make me stop and think. I began to wonder, how in the hell can you get up early to make moves on the corner by five o'clock? I struggle to get up at ten o'clock in the morning so five is damn near impossible. If I've got to be up at five o'clock in the AM to be considered a great hustler then fire me so that I can file for unemployment. Wait...

Anyway, I'm writing this blog entry to say that I had to get my unhappy ass up at 5:20am...well the alarm went off at 5:20am but I got up at 5:50am. My manager thought that it would be a great idea to schedule a floor cleaning for the store at 7am...when I first thought up this post it was witty and funny but now my body has finally realized that it's tired so I'm going to end it here and pick it up later. I will say this though, I really hope my customers are prepared to help themselves because I am not in the mood for all of that smiling and helping people stuff.


So let's recap my day:

~I woke up early

That's all that really matters, it set this day in motion. It was really slow at the store today. Not having anything to do will make you more tired than working hard and staying busy. A guy from the yellow pages called the store and took forever asking me questions about the store. I was alone in the store (as far as other workers go) but there was a line forming at my register, and to add to all of that I couldn't understand one thing this guy was saying. He got really angry with me because I didn't have time to talk to him and because of the fact that I couldn't understand him. So he yells at me, "I'm going to let you speak to my manager!" He was speaking to me as if I called him and was wasting his time. The line is continuing to grow and customers are walking up to me (even though they see me on the phone) and start asking me questions. I then tell the guy, "you do that, I won't be here to talk to him." And I hung up. The outcome of that call would have been completely different had he not yelled at me, and had he just held on like I asked in the beginning. 

I don't need a phone book, I have Google! However you need your job so sir, do better from now on. This blog post should have really been called Still Standing, because although I had a rough day and I was still standing, my body was leaning because of how tired I was.<----and what I just wrote there proves that I am tired now.

I'm going to sleep now,


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