Thoughts In My Head That I Haven't Quite Finished Yet

10:27 PM

Long title I know,just work with me here.
I never completely finish a thought.No really,I NEVER finish a damn thought.Before I started writing this blog entry I was writing another one about fear.That post is now a draft,and knowing me,it will continue to be a draft and never be posted.I'll be lucky if I finish this one.I've been really honest with myself lately,I haven't really been focusing on it,it just sort of happened and it's continuous.And I must say,I like it!I've written about my social anxiety(which I still deal with)I've talked about my fear(not the one that I haven't posted,I have another one somewhere on this blog).I've also written about a friend who is no longer my friend.Wait...if he's no longer my friend,can I still call him my friend?I'll get back to you on that one.

Like I was saying,I've been extremely honest with myself lately and it's really because of someone who I've mentioned before on here,and I still adore to this day.When I first started following Bassey on Twitter I had no idea what I'd be getting.Her humor is what made me follow her,but her honesty and openness is what made me continue to follow her.When she spoke about mental illness,it was as if she stripped herself bare and allowed us to see it all.I don't believe that that was what she really wanted to do.She just wanted to share and I guess say I am human.I got it,I understood it,and I felt it.It's funny you see people on TV and you never think that there will ever be a time when you will connect with this person on a personal level.But Twitter has really allowed people to connect with others on a personal level.It also...this post isn't about Twitter.

My point is this,my being honest with myself has helped me help others become a little more honest.I don't tell all of my business.But if I see someone struggling the same way that I struggled and still struggle sometime and I can help them well that's just amazing...I again can not complete my thought because I'm not sure where I was going with this.And I blame it on Kimora Lee Simmons because Life In The Fab Lane is on,and I want to watch.*sigh*

I'll try this again another day.But in the meantime,check out Bassey's blog: she is amazing and she wrote me a really nice e-mail.I love her and you will too.Also check out this video of her,the story behind this poem is so good.

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