The Post That Took A Left When It Should Have Went Right

10:35 PM

This post turned into something that...well lets just say,I had other ideas for this post.

I still hope that it’s him when my phone rings, when I get a text or when my phone or computer informs me that I have a new instant message. How is it that six months after it all ended I still think about this boy, I still love this guy, I still adore this man? The feeling isn’t foreign, but the lingering feelings are…disturbing. He is one of the best friends that God has ever blessed me with. His imperfections were perfect, his wrongs were right, he was all kinds of amazingness. He was Denzel in Mo Better Blues, he was Billy Dee Williams in Mahogany, he was all kinds of amazingness. Wait…this is turning into a poem. I can’t write poetry…well I don’t write poetry because it is one of the most criticized writing styles.

It doesn’t rhyme.

It doesn’t make sense.

Well whatever. My point is, I’m still feeling the sting from the ending of what was a very long friendship. Eight years is hard to get over, and I’m not really sure I want to get over it. Because I have to wonder, when you do finally get over it do the memories disappear? That would be tragic.

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