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We all make them,some of us choose to never acknowledge them.But our mistakes are what make us who we are.I ended a friendship recently...a eight year friendship to be exact.And four months later,I'm still dealing with the hurt that followed the ending of that friendship.It wasn't your average friendship,it wasn't just hey how you doin'? or Haven't talked to you in a while,what have you been up to?No,it was a friendship that started when I was fifteen,this person watched me grow and I watched him grow.But emotions got involved,love beyond friendship found its way into this relationship,and tears were the third wheel in the friendship.He was amazing,he was a man that I loved,he was like 90s music to me(he only got better with time).This man was...he was my friend.The person that I ran to when I was sick,the person that I talked to about stuff that people who have known me my whole life don't even know about.He held my hand through the phone,rubbed my head through text messages,and gave me reassurance through instant messaging.My friend was amazing.

But no matter how much I wanted to keep things on a "friends only" basis,life just wouldn't let that happen.I began to love him,I began to care too much,I began to give him more than I had ever given any man I was in an actual relationship with.But he wasn't ready and truth be told neither was I.Bad timing and impatience broke us.It was the wrong person,the wrong time,the wrong...love.It should have never happened,I should have stopped it but I'm human.I hurt,I love,I feel and for the second time in my twenty four years of living,I regret a mistake that I made.

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