The Forgotten Poem

1:08 AM

So I found a very old poem from high school that I wrote. I believe I was in the tenth grade.I'm completely embarrassed by this poem now because...well...yeah.But I'm going to post it anyway,because my writing has come a VERY LONG way.And I'm proud of that. :-)

Black On Black Crime

Black on black crime

Is what I see everyday,

Somebody's baby is always taken away

The sound of the gunshot,

It rings in my ear

I can only imagine how a mother feels,

When someone tells her

"Your baby is no longer here."

We do this to each other.

Why must we continue to hurt one another?

Do the tears of the mothers mean nothing to you?

Some people say:

"Well, what can I do?"


Stand up!

Put the guns down

It shouldn't make you feel good

When you put another brother in the ground

Black on black crime

That's what I see everyday,

And everyday I wish I could just...

Turn away.

side note:I didn't read this before I posted it.Had I done that,I would have changed the whole thing.Then what would be the point?

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