We All Have History

2:57 AM

So I was watching an episode of Sunday Best that really touched me and I listened to the older man who was in the top two speak,and I got a little sad.This man...when he spoke,he just seemed so genuine and sweet,sort of like a grandfather.Although I felt every word spoke about God in my spirit,I became sad because I thought about all that I missed out on as far as a grandfather is concerned.I never got the chance to meet either one of my grandfathers,I didn't get to call a man grandpa or papa,I didn't get to see the pride in my grandfather's face whenever he saw me when I went home for visits.Yes,I am someone's granddaughter,and yes I was blessed enough to have to amazing grandmother's(one which is still living)and a great grandmother.She's no longer with us but I got her for twenty four years so I am blessed.Usually I would look at the things I did have rather than the things that I don't but this one is kind of hard to overlook.Having no living grandfather has left a void inside of me and is now pushing me to find out more about my family as a whole.People tell me stories about my history but I'd rather find the answers myself.There is no way you can really know who you are if you don't know where you came from.

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