Sadness,Regret,and What Ifs...

11:53 AM

This morning I woke up sad. Sad because the uncle that I adore is in the hospital and I haven’t seen him a while. It doesn’t look good for him and I don’t like the thought of never seeing him again. Today I woke up with my first regret because of the chance I had to see him but didn’t take. Had I just gotten in the car with my grandmother rather than my brother, if we had only taken a different freeway instead of following everyone else, what if we…today I woke and I asked myself “what if…” more than once. But asking what if, having regrets, and being sad will not stop the world from moving or people from moving on with their lives. I accept the sadness, I embrace the regret, and I will wait for a different what if to enter my mind and push this one aside.

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