Having A Job That You Hate

1:29 AM

I know that in an economy like the one we're in,anyone with a job should be thankful and shouldn't have a care in the world.I'm not complaining because I have a job but because I feel stuck and I really hate my job.This does not mean that I'm saying I wish I didn't have a job I'm saying I wish my job were better than it is.When you are stuck in a position that you hate you want to rebel,walk away,or just be completely honest and say "I hate this!" But you can't always be so vocal because it can cost you everything.I'm going to talk to my District Manager tomorrow about what's bothering me and why I'm unhappy with my job,I'm also going to ask to be transfered because the sad fact is that I can't take being in the store I work in another minute.So what do you do when you hate your job or the situation you're in?Find a solution,fix the problem the best way you know how,but whatever you do don't give up or quit because if you quit once,you'll do it again.You are so much more than a quitter.

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