I Am Not My Hair...

12:09 AM

but that doesn't mean you can tell me what to do with it.

So I've recently found one of my biggest pet peeves while on Twitter.Men who THINK they can tell a woman what to do with her hair.I'm not a sensitive chick but when it comes to something that is a part of me that you aren't contributing to,then keep your mouth closed.IF you are contributing,keep your mouth closed.It's one thing to have an opinion and a preference for what you like and what you want but it is not ok to down a woman for putting a weave in her head,going natural,getting a relaxer,or cutting it all off.

What kills me more than anything is when women go out of their way to give their men what they desire.They want long hair,the chick goes out and gets a weave,he says, "I HATE weaves." Ok well my hair doesn't grow that fast so I did the next best thing.Your hair might be TOO natural(nappy as hell) so you go out and get a relaxer, well now he might say, "I need a woman who isn't into putting a bunch of chemicals in her hair." So what is it that you want?Like seriously!

I say all of that to say this: stop thinking your opinion and your way is THE way it's supposed to be.Just because it's what you want doesn't mean it's what you're going to get,and if you go through life picking "the one" based on stupid shit like hair,you are definitely going to miss a good one.If when you meet her she is wearing a weave and you don't know it,don't start acting all brand new just because now you're "in the know" compliment her and go sit your ass down over there------>

Sincerely Alana

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