Why Did I Get Married Too?

10:53 PM

I saw this movie today and it was soooo good.I have to be honest,when I first heard that the movie was coming out,I expected the average Tyler Perry movie where in the end everybody forgave everybody and all was well.Needless to say,Mr.Perry shocked the hell out of me.He did not stick to the script when it comes to his movies.I laughed,I cried,I was SHOCKED!Don't get me wrong,I figured some of it out from the interviews that Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson have done,but even with some of the answers,I still found myself being thrown for a loop.

These two,were amazing.We find out that Perfect Patty-as she called herself in the first movie-isn't all that perfect.She has problems just like everyone else,she doesn't talk about them.Janet Jackson gives an amazing perfermance,and you won't be able to do anythin but feel everything that she's feeling.The loss of her brother is shinning bright in this movie. And Mr. Malik Yoba takes his performance to another level also.I have my own issues with him and his attitude but his skills can not be denied after this movie.

Their marriage was seemingly perfect at the beginning of the movie, it was as if they had no problems.And just when you think they're goin to be the couple to teach everyone a lesson in how to stay married,they throw you for a loop that you should have seen coming but didn't.Tyler Perry gave a great performance and although I've never thought that Tyler Perry was an ugly guy,I took notice in this movie to just how good looking he actually is.In the movie I found myself getting angry with Sharon Leal's character Diane,she was everything that I can't stand in a woman with a good man.

When the first movie ended it looked as if Troy and Sheila were the perfect couple,but in all honesty we should have known something was eventually going to go wrong.They had problems just like any other couple,and in this movie we learn that a man's pride can be a son of a bitch in a relationship.They may not be perfect,but he is a good husband to her,much better than her ex husband Richard T. Jones A.K.A. Mike who shows up in the movie also sans Trina.

Marcus and Angela(Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White)are still going at it.This time around Angela is even more crazy than she was in the first one.Shocked?I know I was too.I laughed at this couple from beginning to end.Tasha Smith showed up and showed out and Michael Jai White's character tried to stand up for him...did he succeed?Go and see the movie.

This movie takes you on an emotional roller coaster,but a good one.The writing is amazing,the acting is phenomenal, and the chemistry between the actors is so real you won't have a hard time believing that they are these people.I loved the movie,but I pray that there is not a part three.This was the perfect happy/sad ending.

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