Road Trip:Laguna Beach

10:49 PM

Yesterday,me and my cousin jumped in the car and decided that we were going to take a little road trip to Laguna Beach,CA.Now most people don't think that's very far,but when you're driving in LA traffic,everything seems far.Anyway,I was driving while she took pictures(Like that one up there),and just when I thought the day was perfect I drive my ass through the express lane at the toll booth.Can you say mad as hell?*raises hand*I CAN!I have a perfect driving record,no speeding tickets,and I have never been pulled over by the cops, *knock on wood* but yet I get a ticket for going through the wrong lane at a toll booth.So,I did some research to see how other people felt about this because I knew that I was not the only person to run up on this toll booth and not notice that I was in the wrong lane.There are some pretty angry people out there.It seems that this particular toll booth is a little tricky.Here is why,you exit the freeway-at least you think you do-and it looks as if you're just driving down a ramp,and then it looks as if you are about to enter another freeway,well you're not.You are driving right up to the toll booth,and if you're in the wrong lane-there are only two-then guess what?You too will have a ticket with your name on it.

All in all Laguna was beautiful,but after that,I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon.I don't need those kinds of problems.

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