A Writer's Fear Of Rejection

11:36 PM

"Alana,you should write a book."
"You're such  good writer." I was told this when I was really young mind you,I hadn't shared my writing with anyone until recently.

I'm all about uplifting someone and helping them find their way,but you should probably see what their skill level is before you send them out there thinking they've got it when it's possible they don't. Writing a novel is not easy, and I'm rolling my eyes at the people that pushed me to do this shit.You would think that if you planned out everything that was going to happen and all of your characters' names and traits that the words would just flow.However,that's not what's going on with me.I know my characters I love my characters and I feel what they feel,but right now I don't have the slightest clue as to what they want to say.Writing is a talent that is a blessing and a curse.To have something to say yet not know how or when you want to say it is frustrating!I'm starting to wonder,is it writers block that's standing in the way of me being great or is it the fear of rejection?

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