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Big Girls With Small Purses

3:05 AM

I was looking at some pictures today of a full figure woman holding a small ass purse.To me that is a violation!I'm all about a small purse when you hit the club,something like a wristlet,a clutch,or something small like that,but a purse you carry in the crook of your arm?Like really?To borrow and tweak the words of a certain talk show host: the bigger the person is the bigger the purse should be.

Some women tend to think that if they carry an expensive purse,no one will notice just how small the damn thing is.But what full figure women need to understand is,if you are wearing a small purse,your weight makes the bag look that much smaller. STOP THAT!You are ruining a perfectly good bag all because you are too lazy to carry a bigger purse,or you just choose to ignore that it looks like you're carrying your six year old's Gucci purse.As a girl with curves I make it a point to carry larger purses,whether you see it or not,the big purse makes you look smaller.Just something to think about.

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