Yeah...I Don't Think So

9:43 PM

"The man you love kneels down in the street and offers you a ring, you say yes that's what you do."
~Carrie Bradshaw

No you don't damnit!People who know me know how I feel about marriage,but when I found that quote up there,I gave some serious thought to what one of my favorite charcters said.If a man asks you to marry him regardless of where he asks you,you shouldn't say yes if you don't mean it.But the question is,how do you say no?I mean if you say yes and then say no later,the man will be more hurt than he would have been had you just said no from jump street.One of my many biggest fears is a man dropping down on one knee ANYWHERE asking me to marry him.He may not know my answer,but I do.What is the perfect way to say no to a marriage proposal?

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