Letting Go...

2:57 PM

I was on Twitter the other day talking to my followers about Carrie and Big(Sex And The City) and I asked them:why did we want Carrie with Big after the way her treated her? Everyone's response was basically the same:They just fit,no one else was good enough for her.Who else if not Big?But none of the answers were good enough for me.We all go through this,we are attatched to a man/woman who we know we should let go of and stay away from yet we can't let go or we just keep going back to the same bullshit.Why is it that we try to hold on to people and things that obviously don't want to be held?

Yes,it worked out in the movie and TV show,but we live in the real world(at least I do)and I'm honest enough with myself to know that my ending might not have a happily ever after.

*And I'm still looking for a support group called Letting People And Things Go The First Time*

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