Emotional Person...

12:23 PM

That is what I am.It's not something I'm proud of but it's not something I try to fix either.I cry when I hear a slow song,I cry when I read or watch anything that's romantic,I laugh at things that are funny,and I get angry and frustrated because the sky is grey instead of blue. I am who I am so you can either take me or leave me. I try to keep my emotions under control when I'm around certain people because too much emotion can seriously scare the shit out of some humans.I do however embrace my emotions for what they are...mines.

I'm soooooo tired.My dream would be to quit everything and just run away for a while,but I can't exactly do that since I have so many other things on my plate.Like I said,I'm an emotional person,I have good days and I have bad days,some are up and some are down.I'm never depressed,however I am sometimes very detatched and I stay to myself...SEE!The emotional Alana is here to stay.But I' ok with that.

That Is All

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