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Valentines Day=What The Fuck Are We Trying To Prove?

12:52 PM

So I've always had a problem with Valentines Day,even at the age of 14 when I started dating(well what we called dating back then)I wasn't into it.I never liked getting the flowers and candy,and carrying around the big ass balloons as if to say, "My man looooves me today!" Well shit what about tomorrow,and the next damn day?Do I get flowers then too?The answer:NO!Why do we have to have a day other than our anniversary to show how much we appreciate each other?I personally would love for my man(whoever he is)to tell me he loves me,treat me right,and not cheat and I'm talking about 365 days a year not just on that day.Now if you can deliver that,then we are getting somewhere,you can keep that one day,just love me forever.

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