A Straight Answer Is Better Than No Answer

3:44 AM

And....that's exactly what I got yesterday,no damn answer...at all.When I ask a question I expect a straight answer not one to pacify me or blow me off.I asked this question of two people yesterday:If you tried to contact me for two days and I didn't get back to you,would you be mad at me or would you think I'm avoiding you?Their response to me was:

Person #1:You're asking the wrong person.
Person #1:How often do we talk Alana
Me:But still,I don't talk to this person that often either,but they're still mad at me.
Person #1:(no response)
*Now my thing is,if you don't hear from me in a week you should probably be worried,and then if I don't have a good reason for not responding then get mad at me.But whatever.*

Person #2:I would write you a two page letter and cry
Me:Seriously,someone is really pissed off at me and I just don't get it.
Person #2:He must really like you.
Me:Who said it was a he?
Person #2:Wow,she must really like you.
Me:I'm done with you.
Person #2:A guy?
Me:Forget it I sent that question to you and one other person and neither one of you gave me a real answer.
Person #2:It really depends on the situation...he must really like you in the answer.
Me:No,it's not like that,it really isn't a guy it's a family member.
Person #2:(No response)

So as you can see I got nowhere with these two people.I have never been so disappointed in some of the people in my life as I am right now. I ask a question the first person gets too fucking analytical,and the second person gives me...not a damn thing to work with.I NEVER ask for advice,and the response I got from those two people above is the reason why.I can give myself bullshit answers I don't need other people for that.

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