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Quick Thought:Out With The Old In With The...Old?

1:03 AM

As time moves on,some people change and some people stay the same.Some people move forward,others choose to go backwards or stay exactly the same.This is becoming more apparent with every old high school friend that finds me on Facebook.That shit is a blessing and a curse.Some of the people that find me,I'm actually happy to be reunited with and others...Uh not so much.Everyone grows older,but not everyone grows up.

That shit has never been more true than it is for me today. A lot of people are starting to prove my point. When I got out of high school, I made the conscious decision to leave some people back there, but for some reason they want to try and come back into my life. What I’m learning-or what I've always known- is that some people that are back in my life are genuinely here because they want to reconnect while others are just here to continue to do the same shit they did in high school, which is be messy as fuck. As an adult I no longer argue with ignorant people, I don’t cry over spilled milk, and most of all I don’t associate with people who are only out there to piss me off or bring me down. So I say to those people get the fuck out of my life, I have better shit to do.
That is all

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