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A Lie Is A Lie Is A Lie

10:47 PM

I can't stand a liar,and the reason for this is not only because of the deception,but also because I'm not hard on people,I don't place judgement on people and the lifestyles that they live because I'm not perfect so why lie to me?

Now,I said all of that to get to this:I saw a question today and decided to answer it,the question was:

"Would you stay with your partner if you found out that they were in the adult entertainment business and didn't tell you?"

Although I answered this question,I'm not really sure I gave it a lot of thought.Here is the thing,I can't say that I won't date a guy that's in that industry,but I can say that I would rather not,but you can't really tell your heart what to feel,shit it never listens.So,if the guy came out and told me from jump street that this is the life that he lives,I'd be able to say,ok,let's talk about this. But by my partner not saying anything and waiting until I'm deep as hell into this relationship he has placed me in a less than desirable situation.By not saying anything,he has taken the option of me staying or just never getting invovled with him at all.It's a decision that I should be able to make right away,I shouldn't have to wait until my heart is so deeply embedded in the relationship to make that decision.So the answer to the question is no,I wouldn't stay because not only have you lied to me,you've also made a decision for me and I clearly make my own.

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