Great Expectation

6:44 PM

The expectation that some people place on me are ridiculous,but I allow them to do it so it's not completely on them.Now as I get older and I've opened my eyes to the shit going on around me,I'm starting to see that it's not ok.Some people treat me as if I am never supposed to make mistakes, and when I do,it then becomes a thing where I owe them an apology for my fuck up.The funny thing is,I don't owe anyone anything so I really wish people would get ff of that.I do for other people not because I have to but because I want to.But now I'm to a point where I don't want to anymore,some people in my life don't deserve the time and energy I give out.

Really high expectations makes for a really hurtful fall when people let you down and aren’t everything you wanted them to be or thought they should be.You should never place a huge amount of pressure on people that are ALWAYS there for you.You have no idea what they are going through.

When you become someone's safety net,and you aren't there to catch them every time they fall,and they get hurt, they blame that hurt on you.They don't look at the fact that they should have been paying more attention to what they were doing,or the fact that they should have thought twice before getting themselves into a fucked up situation.These great expectations are just way too much for me,go and find another safety net,this one is worn out.

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