When Will It Be Me

11:44 PM

"I see the couples are walkin' by Feel like I Don't wanna be alone today So glad no one can see what I hide Deep inside How it feels to beThe girl who never gets the right guy Tell me whyWhen there`s so much I've got to give I wake up reaching out in the night Ready to hold him tight 'Til I realizeThat nobody is there"

Those are the lyrics to a song called When Will It Be Me by a girl from Oakland, her name is Yasmeen. Her voice is amazing,her lyrics are touching, but this song is depressing ass hell.I'm not really sure if it's the meaning of the songs lyrics or what but in the end I always walk away asking myself,why in the hell did I even listen to that song.I never ask myself when will it be me, because the answer is not just going to magically appear in front of me,but I will however ask myself when I see couples that obviously love each other,could that be me?Do I want that to be me?The answers are,yes and not right now.

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