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What's Your Sign?

5:39 PM

So I took a test on Facebook today and it was supposed to tell me what my love sign was,and of course it was a VIRGO!Now,I've always known that according to astrology Virgos and Capricorns are compatible so there was no surprise.I was however surprised by the description of me.It was dead on.I fall in love with my head not my heart because I find that when you allow your heart to lead you to love often times you wind up hurt.Thinking logically about who you give your heart to is so important when picking the person for you.I use to lead with my heart and I ended having to end those horrid relationships,I've clearly learned my lesson.This test will in no way play a role in what kind of guys I continuing dating just because of their astrological sign because I can't promise that the guy that will be "the one" will be a Virgo,and frankly as long as he treats me right,I could really give a damn what his sign is.

The Results

When it comes to love, you fall with your head... not with your heart.And since you take the logical approach to love, you tend to be quite picky. You are a genuine, helpful, and caring partner. You can truly be there for another person. You are shy when it comes to romance. You can only open up to someone you truly connect with.

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